Note: Default HTML version contains post jam fixes. This was updated after the voting was finished. To play the original please download the windows build down in the description

Spinball - Pinball +  RPG


Arrow keys OR A and D


Download 24 MB
Download 39 MB
Windows 0.2 (POST GAME JAM).zip 41 MB


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I win! Definitely a cute and fun concept that i'd be pumped to see developed further :) 

my highest distance is 251, not bad? 

I love this. Really clever idea

Damn man! Amazing! The only two thing I am not loving are the controls are a bit stiff and there is no many things to kill and crash,just one or two before we move, as it would make it more fun!

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Top notch Stuff Right here UwU


The game is very nice. Would love this game on my phone


Its Great! i hope you make this into a mobile game, so more people can play it, it would really fit mobile

this would be really perfect for mobile. get those thumbs goin :P 


Great Game! Not only the concept, also the implementation. Huge props from em.